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Storm Damage

If you have experienced storm damage it is important to have your roof checked for damage from high winds and/or hail.  We are experts in checking for damage and have many years of experience in the field.  We will work with you and your homeowner's insurance to get any damage to your rooftop repaired.  Below are the steps that we recommend:

If you have had hail or high winds in your area your roof should be inspected first for actual damage. If no damage is found Alliance informs the homeowner at no charge.

If damage is found on the roof and the homeowner wants to proceed further Alliance will contact the homeowners insurance company and ask that an adjuster come out and inspect the roof. We will advise the homeowner as to the date of loss and other pertinent information.

Alliance will then document the damage. This process includes measuring and diagramming the roof, preparing an estimate for comparison purposes, collecting supporting data and taking digital photos of the roof.

Alliance then meets the adjuster on the roof. This where the rubber meets the road. At this point we" make your case" using our knowledge of what is or isn't damage, Texas insurance code and the evidence we have collected. Just as important is our awareness of the criteria that each insurer uses to adjust hail damaged roofs. In most cases we know the adjuster we will be meeting with from previous adjustments.

In many instances the replacement will be approved on the spot. If this is not what happens and we feel that the insurance company hasn't been fair in its appraisal, we will advise you as to the next steps we might take. Remember that our job is dealing with the insurance company and we try to make this a "hassle free" experience for the homeowner.

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